Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The Times Gardens Correspondent
Stephen Anderton
The Times: 'Gardens of Sicily'
Palazzos & Villas of Palermo & Catania
Cast your mind forward to the warmth, colour and possibilities of summer. As the 14th tour of the fruitful partnership between The Times and Boxwood Tours, garden correspondent Stephen Anderton invites The Times readers to join him exploring the Catania & Palermo regions of Sicily at the end of May. Tour leader, Helena Attlee has located some superb, little-known gardens whilst researching her books, with kind invitations & hospitality offered by owners of Palazzos & Villas happy to introduce their gardens. As always The Times Garden Tours offer the best accommodation: Villa Igea overlooking the bay at Palermo, and San Dominico, a 15th century monastery at Taormina. For full details, click the following title: Gardens of Sicily