Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Morville Hours

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Your Chance to Meet  Author, Katherine Swift
The Morville Hours takes the form of the medieval Book of Hours, recalling the monastic past of the house. Each chapter is named after one of the Hours of the Divine Office, and summons vividly to life an hour of the day or night in the garden of today and in the gardens of the past, from the crunch of grass underfoot at midnight on a frosty New Year's Eve to the drip of trees in a melancholy March dawn; from a perfumed May Day morning when the whole world seems sixteen again, to the enervating heat of a Midsummer noon; from the bloom of blue-black damsons picked on a golden September afternoon to the smell of holly and ivy cut in the dusk of a cold Christmas Eve. Together they describe the arc of the gardening year, and the arc of a life, from darkness into light, and from light back into darkness once more. Visit The Dower House garden and meet Katherine Swift as well as many other fine country gardens & their owners on the upcoming 'Gardens of a Golden Afternoon' tour of Shropshire, starting Monday, 17th September. For full details, click the tour title or following link: Boxwood Autumn Garden Tours.

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