Monday, 28 July 2014


The Times: 'Summer Gardens of Suffolk'

To convey the richness of Boxwood Tours is a perennial challenge. Below are just some of the comments given by travellers on this very successful recent tour.

'All worked like clockwork....'

'Tour leader & local guide excellent. Both were mines of information and good company.....'

'Couldn't fault anything; wonderful choice....'

'Patty having excellent local knowledge and as always Stephen's wide knowledge and good humour add a great deal to the whole trip.....'

'Stephen Anderton as tour leader was excellent, knowledgeable, charming, friendly and great company.....'

'Patty Shone was similarly excellent and very caring and solicitous for her charges......'

Click the following link to view a gallery of photos taken by David Brown, one of the travellers on another very successful tour to the gardens of Haute-Normandie in June:

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