Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Taking Bookings: September Tours

Italy, France, Ireland & Dorset: 4 New Tours for September 2015

Tour leader, Helena Attlee has just returned from checking the hotels for the Country Life tour to Turin, a rich mix of House of Savoy places & villas and twentieth century creations of Russell Page and Paolo Pejrone.

Château de Villandry 
September is a wonderful month to enjoy potagers and chateaux of the Loire region of France, as well as Festival de la Tomate at La Bourdaisière & Chaumont International Garden Festival, all in the company of Maïté Delmas.

Helen Yemm is looking forward to hosting the Telegraph 'Irish Garden Collection': meeting the Irish garden owners in the company of tour leader Jimi Blake is akin to being welcomed into a great friendly family where we roll from house party to house party drinking in the beauty of the contrasting gardens, taken right to the warm heart of the Irish gardening world.

Hortus editor, David Wheeler is very happy to be taking his own readers to deepest Dorset to enjoy an array of exquisite, little-known gardens, many linked to a plethora of small manor houses, one of which is the very comfortable Plumber Manor base for the tour.

Book now to avoid disappointment..
Good news for Boxwood but we are very sorry to disappoint so many who wanted to book on the Venice, Sicily, French Riviera and Welsh Border tours. So, though early or late booking makes little difference to us as tour organisers, in the circumstances it may be worth getting in touch sooner rather than later.

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