Tuesday, 12 January 2016

'HORTUS Denmark' fully booked; long live Madeira....

Spectacular View from Quinta do Furão
Hortus goes to Madeira
The Denmark tour is now fully booked; we are still taking bookings for Hortus goes to Madeira. 
HORTUS editor, David Wheeler was bowled over by the richness of this island flora when he visited with Sue last spring and is looking forward to sharing his experience with HORTUS readers and other like-minded enthusiasts in April.

Traveller Comments
'Gerald Luckhurst was excellent, full of enthusiasm and ideas leader as very knowledgeable re local gardens/people. He complemented the tour host whose horticultural knowledge and advice on the suitability of plants to be grown in the UK was very helpful - good balance....' (Madeira, April 2009)

'The behind the scenes hard work has made this a very memorable holiday with many highlights. Thank you to all concerned....' .(Madeira, April 2009)

'The gardens visited were wonderful - so floriferous, exotic....' (Madeira, April 2009)

'We were delighted with this tour and impressed with your organisation which we felt could not be faulted...we had a lovely time......' (Madeira, April 2009)

Amazingly, Madeira President and dedicated rosarian, Miguel Albuquerque, has agreed to meet the tour and introduce the regional presidents' garden in Funchal.

Gallery Launch
To obtain a flavour of this and other tours, try visiting the gallery of images collected over the years and linked to the Boxwood Tours web site: Madeira Images.

For full details of this tour, click the following link: Hortus goes to Madeira.

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