Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Snowdonia Tour

Traveller Comments
Snowdonia has a surprising wealth of gulf-stream warmed gardens, close to the sea and backed by mountains. The following are comments from travellers on the three previous tours to a wonderful, garden-rich area:
'Enjoyable tour. Tour leader could not have been more patient....' (Snowdonia 2006)
'Gardens quality & selection good....' (Snowdonia 2006)
'Hotel room was the best we have ever had...' (Snowdonia 2006)
'Head gardeners excellent....' (Snowdonia 2006)
'Enjoyable tour. Tour leader was excellent, attentive to needs of a disparate group. Unfailingly good humoured & helpful....'  (Snowdonia 2006)
'Very attentive pre-tour & tour leader equally helpful on tour.....' (Snowdonia 2006)
'Lunches excellent: enjoyed buffet style lunches....' (Snowdonia 2006)
'Tour leader was a star.....' (Snowdonia 1999)
'Excellent leader and driver, driver v courteous to other road users.....' (Snowdonia 1999)
'Good weather, leader and coach driver.....' (Snowdonia 1999)
'Weather was fantastic.....' (Snowdonia 1999)
'Tour leader excellent, coach driver was very kind and considerate..... ' (Snowdonia 1998)
'The best ever. Coach driver was charming. Tour leader was wonderful......' (Snowdonia 1998)
'Gardens excellent. Meal on train very good......
' (Snowdonia 1998)
'Hotel was superb in every respect.....' (Snowdonia 1998)
'Lovely area, views spectacular.....' (Snowdonia 1999)
'Gardens all interesting in own way, well selected.  Nice to meet owners & gardeners. Tour leader very good......' (Snowdonia 1999)
'Very impressed with hotel, exceeded expectations......' (Snowdonia 1999)
Follow the link for full details of this tour: 'Gardens of Snowdonia'


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