Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not Quite 'The Archers'.....

Herefordshire Country Gardeners
For a county with an image of quiet bucolic slumber, Herefordshire boasts a thriving & surprising community of country gardeners cultivating a rich and eclectic range of gardens. Nicky & Peter Daw have been busy creating their rural paradise for over 25 years at Lower House, near Hay, with accommodation for those who don't want to leave. Since 2005, garden journalist, author and designer, Noel Kingsbury & partner, Jo have enjoyed putting theory into practice on a lush, south-facing Welsh Borders slope at Montpelier Cottage, an  ongoing experimental garden of great herbaceous plantings and swathes of grasses. When a top marketing executive steps back from the fray, it must be
difficult to let energy & experience lay unused. Peter Clay has certainly not been idle: as well as setting up Crocus, a premier on-line garden web site, with the help of designer Tom Stuart-Smith, Peter is busy creating a new garden at Brockhampton Cottage.
Sir Roy Strong is a personality memorable from TV and radio; less known are The Laskett Gardens,'..the largest private formal gardens to be created in England since 1945'  by Sir Roy and his late wife Julia  Trevelyan Oman. Richard Pim is another interesting man: Having spent many years working as a hydro-geologist in arid countries, he retired to Westonbury Water Mill to create a tranquil water garden full of delights.
These are just a few of the many people & stories that go to make Boxwood Tours in general and 'Glimpses of Paradise' in  particular such rich experiences for our travellers and the reason why so many choose to travel with us year after year...To find out more about any of these gardens or about the upcoming 'Glimpses of  Paradise',  Herefordshire Country Garden Tour, click the links in blue...

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