Thursday, 12 September 2013

Plan Ahead with Boxwood

Monet's Garden at Giverny
Tour Dates: Early 2014
Sue & Ali are working with help from Helena Attlee & Patty Shone to get tours planned for early 2014 finalised, advertised and on sale by early this October.
Meanwhile, provisional tour dates and destinations may be useful to know, especially for many travellers already working on 2014 diaries, particularly where long-haul flights are involved.
Please just 'pencil in' these dates for now or contact Boxwood Tours for confirmation as there is always a small chance of last minute change.
We will notify everyone by email as soon as tour details are finalised and the new season web site is complete and available to view.

Princess Sturdza, 
late creator of La Vesterival

Provisional Early Tour Programme

24-29 April, Provence for Country Life with Louisa Jones

1-6 May, Turin for Hortus with David Wheeler

9-14 May, French Riviera for Country Life with David Wheeler

1-6 June, Boxwood Tour to the Italian Lakes with Helena Attlee

15-19 June, Private Somerset Gardens for Gardens Illustrated

22-26 June, Gardens of Upper Normandy for The Telegraph

6-10 July, Private gardens of Suffolk for The Times

Le Jardin Plume, Haute Normandy
Late Season Tours
Late season tours will not be formally released until late December, but we are currently working on: Calvados; Tuscany; New Venetian Gardens; and Shropshire Revisited, all in or around September, with Paris & Ile de France for Gardens Illustrated in October. We will keep you posted of progress by email newsletter but aim to have full details of all the late season tours land on your doorstep first post after Christmas.

Tour Out: Hortus Normandy
Walking in Monet’s garden in the rain at Giverny proved a refreshing experience for Hortus travellers after the hot, dry British summer. Reports from tour assistant, Patty Shone suggest that the following day’s visit to Varengeville-sur-Mer was also a great success, especially landscape architect Pascal Cribier’s garden, as well as Princess Sturdza’s La Vasterival and the beautiful woodland garden of L’Etang de Launay. As ever, we await the response from travellers as the true measure of tour success.

Pascal Cribier's garden at Varengeville-sur-Mer
We aim to keep our travellers informed by email newletter, so do bookmark or save this page in your web favourites or access the newsletter through the web site:  Boxwood Tours, Quality Garden Holidays

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