Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Radio 4: 'Book of the Week'

The Land Where Lemons Grow
Over the last 10 years Helena Attlee has led numerous tours for Boxwood. Helena is an established author and feature writer. Although best known for her works on Italy and the cultural history of its gardens, she has recently scrambled over the garden wall and made her escape into a wider landscape, where research for The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and its Citrus Fruit has seen her travelling from a marmalade kitchen in the blood orange groves of eastern Sicily to the cold and bloodied streets of Ivrea during the Battle of Oranges. The book emerging from this journey combines history and economics with recipes, art and poetry to take the reader on a journey through Italy’s cultural, moral and political past. 
The Land Where Lemons Grow has been selected as Radio 4 'Book of the Week' from Monday, 21 April. 
There is still time to accompany Helena on the Gardens of the Italian Lakes tour at the beginning of June.

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