Friday, 13 May 2016

Late Cancellations

Peter Wibroe Garden
Due to late cancellation, Boxwood Tours can once again offer limited space on the Hortus goes to Denmark tour that has proved very attractive this season, fully booked by the beginning of February. Click the link for details: Hortus goes to Denmark

April Tours: Traveller Comments
We encourage as much traveller feedback as possible - both positive & critical - to guide future tour planning. So, it is very gratifying to read comments like these received from travellers returned from April tours:

'A very enjoyable few days!'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Top score: our driver was lovely, so calm and smiling. Gerald Luckhurst was wonderful; so much info.; always ready to answer. David was superb: calm but organising us!' (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Lovely to hear Christine Blandy's introduction to her garden and Patrick Garton was AMAZING. I was very interested in the wild mountain areas also.....'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'As ever - spot on…...' (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Just continue what you're doing. So well researched & organised.....'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Keep going to unusual places!....'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Boxwood Team: Outstanding!'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'I really enjoyed this tour in all aspects: hotel, guides, tour leaders, and all gardens.....' (Times Cornwall 2016)
'The hotel was exceptional with very helpful staff and we visited an interesting mix of gardens....' (Times Cornwall 2016)
'It was interesting to have lunch on these occasions with the owners of the gardens.....'  (Times Cornwall 2016)
'All the gardens were very interesting and the variety was good....'  (Times Cornwall 2016)
Boxwood Tours welcomes all comments to guide on-going development of our service.

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