Thursday, 9 June 2016

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Autumn Tours: 'Back to Back' Offer...
Villa di Geggiano

Boxwood Tours is able to help with travel & accommodation between any of the following late season garden tours:
Do contact the Boxwood Office for further information:
Telephone: +44 (0)1341 241 717; Email:


May Tours: Traveller Comments

'An enormous variety which was part of the charm of this tour....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'It was a very good, varied programme; full of interest & delight.....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'First time with Boxwood: I was pleased & impressed.....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'Good selection of gardens; Lunches in the gardens were superb..... (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'A good selection and variety (of gardens) with some having amazing views of the coastline......' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'All very well organised. Tour guides were very helpful & friendly.....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'You could not ask for anything more....!' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'All 1st class.....' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'Just brilliant. Absolutely thrilled with everything. Thank you.... (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'Would not fault anything - so grateful for the whole experience.....' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'I was in heaven and appreciated so much the guidance of Jenny & Patti.... '(Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'This was my 1st tour of any kind and I was very impressed by the whole presentation: thank you.....' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)

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